Stairlift Recycling

Stairlift Recycling works in partnership with Respite for Carers an independent company and a registered charity which was founded in February 2012.  Respite for Carers is responsible for regulating the activities of Stairlift Recycling and its dealership, and has the right to enforce penalties should the agreed processes not be adhered to. Respite for Carers performs a key role in ensuring that clients’ consumer rights are protected and that any disputes are properly investigated should they arise.  Income generated by Respite for Carers for their control activities raise funds for respite care in the local community.

Stairlift Recycling is a dynamic venture to remove unwanted stairlifts from people’s homes. We provide a valuable service to the community by collecting unwanted stairlifts free of charge and recycling reusable stairlifts by re-pairing, refurbishing and testing them.  We clean, store and reuse parts from obsolete but good quality stairlifts, and any stairlifts that cannot be reconditioned or used for parts are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way