Extending the stairlift life-cycle for the NHS and Social Services

In association with Respite for Carers, The Stairlift Recycling Scheme works to enhance quality of life for disabled people while reducing the financial pressures on the NHS.

We do this firstly by providing cut-price access to high-quality refurbished stairlifts, and secondly by reinvesting money into the healthcare system in the form of respite care breaks.

Here’s a simple overview of how we work with healthcare authorities, and how you might benefit from procuring stairlifts through us:

1) A new stairlift costs thousands of pounds, yet at the end of its use, the investment is typically wasted. We remove these used stairlifts and  extend their lifecycle by refurbishing them – enabling you to offer your patients a first-class stairlift at half the price of a new model.

2) For every new stairlift you buy you through us, a percentage of the money goes to our charity, Respite for Carers. Some of this money is then invested in respite care for your community. The more stairlifts you buy through us, the more respite care we’ll be able to provide in your locality.

3) Because of our charity’s bulk buying power, we’re able to strike a deal that provides more respite care for our money. This means you can receive hundreds of hours of respite care free of charge every year – simply by prescribing refurbished stairlifts to your patients.

We’re already working with leading Charities, Local Authorities, and Occupational Therapists. Talk to us today about how we can help you too.

To discuss the potential for partnership, or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please just give us a call on 0800 689 1055 or complete the quick enquiry form below.