Do not dump it, donate it!

Up to £220.00 is generated for the Respite for Carers Fund for every stairlift we recycle.

Looking for a recycled stairlift?

Up to £220.00 is generated for the Respite for Carers Fund for every stairlift we recycle.

Support the community

For every recycled stairlift that we install, we create up to 12 hours of free respite back into the community.

Removing a Stairlift

Removing a stairlift. Removing a stairlift has not always been straight forward. But now, getting rid of an unwanted stairlift couldn’t be easier.  Once we receive a request for removing a stairlift we will call you to arrange a date for the removal.  On the day of removing a stairlift, we will professionally dismantle the stairlift, with the minimum disruption to you, leaving the fused spur power supply capped and safe.  That’s it.

Do you have an unwanted stairlift ?

How we recycle

We don’t just provide a service to the community by removing unwanted stairlifts, we are responsible in the way we handle and dispose of stairlifts. When a stairlift is removed, it is returned to our warehouse where it is separated into three categories:

Firstly, stairlifts which are reusable are stripped down and cleaned, safety sensors, switches and circuits are tested under load, damaged panels, covers and batteries replaced, as and any missing parts are also replaced from our huge stock of stairlift parts. Secondly, any obsolete stairlifts are stripped for parts and saved for repairs. Thirdly, unusable stairlifts are stripped and disposed of in accordance with the Green Achiever Scheme, of which we are a registered member, reducing the cost of landfill and helping to save the environment.

Have you got a stairlift to recycle?