Why choose us?

Stairlift Recycling Ltd-Why-choose-us

What you get

We will give you an accurate quotation over the telephone, without the need of a salesman or woman hard selling you at your home.

  • An accurate price instantly
  • A quality pre-owned Stannah
  • Low cost maintenance
  • A professional code of conduct
  • Comprehensive lifetime warranty



Stannah stairlifts

Mobility made easier for you

Lifetime warranty

A not-for-profit organisation

What you don’t get

Stairlift Recycling Ltd-No-door-salesman
  • High pressure selling in your home
  • An unnamed used stairlift
  • An ambiguous service contract
  • Unfair commercial practices
  • Expensive limited warranty


What you don’t get

  • No high pressure selling in your home
  • No unnamed stairlift
  • No ambiguous service contract
  • No unfair commercial practices
  • No expensive limited warranty


Stairlift Recycling Ltd-No-door-salesman

What our customers say about us

I can’t recommend you more highly. The fact that you use Ex-Servicemen is so commendable, and you recycle stairlifts. These two things alone are enough, but the compassion everyone from your company showed was remarkable.

Helen Sadler

Stairlift Recycling Ltd 

44,Drummond Drive,  Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 3PD

Tel: 0800 689 1055

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