Information & Advice – How to buy a stairlift and save thousands

Buying a stairlift is only half of the real cost !

Getting a low-cost warranty when you buy the stairlift is the smart way to go if you want to save money.


Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

on all Stairlift Recycling Ltd

stairlifts installed

All of our customers who purchase a low-cost annual service contract receive free comprehensive warranty cover for all parts and labour, subject to taking out low-cost servicing.

Information and advice – How to buy a stairlift

Buying a stairlift is only half of the journey. It’s best to check out the cost of the service and warranty at the time of purchase of the equipment. If you leave the warranty cover later, you will likely pay more for the breakdown cover.

This scenario is critical when buying a reconditioned stairlift. Establishing a long-term warranty that you pay annually will give you peace of mind. Furthermore, it will demonstrate how good the refurbishment process claims.

Getting a video of the downstairs hall and walking up the staircase with a smartphone will suffice and enable you to get a reasonable pricing estimate.

Please see our video and call us free for feedback or further questions.

Enabling affordable home independence.

 Social justice for mobility users in the community

A brand-new stairlift typically costs thousands of pounds, yet this investment is often wasted at the end of its use. We remove these used stairlifts and extend their lifecycle by refurbishing them before offering them to those in need at hugely reduced rates, enabling affordable home independence.

Working in hubs across the country, we create employment for war veterans; this initiative aligns with our employment equality policy. Getting ex-servicemen and women back into work is an essential aspect of their re-integration into society, yet many struggle to find a job following their time in service.

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