Veterans that have served their country – Our people now serve you.

Our people are veterans that have served their country

Ex-servicemen and women

We are an investor in people and create employment for war veterans; this initiative aligns with our employment equality policy. Getting ex-servicemen and women back into work is an essential aspect of their re-integration into society, yet many struggles to find work following their time in service. Through our close and long-standing association with SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, we offer veterans training and job opportunities to add to the many skills that they deployed while serving their country. 

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Our people are veterans

Why veterans

Veterans share our ethos and are proud to serve in the community after serving their country. Veterans bring a range of transferable skills and qualities to society.

  • Integrity 
  • Tenacity 
  • Teamwork  
  • Leadership

Veterans bring a code of conduct

to the disability market

What our people do

Pre-owned Stannah chair


The refurbishment of a pre-owned Stannah stairlift is a painstaking process requiring great attention to detail by skilled engineers. The result is an environmentally responsible quality product tested for safety and reliability, which is affordable to you.

In the course of refurbishment, our stairlift engineer completes a 31 step refurbishment process. Firstly, stairlifts that are reusable are stripped down and cleaned. We thoroughly test safety sensors, switches, and circuits under load. We replace all damaged panels, covers, and batteries from our vast stock of stairlift spares

Stairlift Recycling Ltd-Installation


Working with a fully qualified stairlift installer, our veterans apply their service engineering skills and achieve first-hand on-job training to install straight and curved stairlifts

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Stairlift Recycling Ltd-Collections


Our social cause has received an overwhelming response from the public willing to support our hardworking employees. Communities are delighted by the prospect of their unwanted mobility equipment going on to help somebody else retain their independence. Our recycling teams work throughout England and Wales.

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